Update time:

I recently accepted an offer for a 40-hour/week contract-to-hire job. That means I am now, officially, a working writer. I know, freelancing counted, but as it was never quite enough to make all the ends meet…this is what I needed right now.

Got in a good motorcycle ride today, as it’s the last weekday I’ll have available for a while ;-)

Planning a route for this weekend to get my brother-in-law out to see some N. Cascades sites before the roads close for the year and needed to be sure my shoulder was up for it.

Of course, then the Seattle Drivers had to go and ruin it by triggering my PTSD from the wreck back in January. Are stop signs really that complicated?


Thank you to all M.B’ers for keeping things so civil and dramatically limiting the amount of political/pop cultural/headache and nausea inducing stuff I have to see in a day. My INFJ/HSP soul needs the break.

I truly appreciate what a great group of folks are on here.

OK, as you were.