ReMarkable 2 Paper Tablet - 2 Week Update

TL;DR — I’m returning my ReMarkable tablet. It’s an awesome device, just not right for me at this time. For details, read on.

OK, 2 weeks in and I’ve got some additional thoughts on the reMarkable 2 paper tablet. It’s awesome. It truly is an amazing piece of technology. The writing experience is, in fact, just like writing on paper. Even my scrawling script/print hybrid looks just like usual and doesn’t even mess up the OCR — too much.

So why am I sending it back? It’s just not the right awesome technology for my life, at the present moment.

There are three distinct pieces of my life that involve writing. First, and taking up the vast majority of my time and mental bandwidth, is my day job as a business content writer for a local cybersecurity startup. Second, I’ve recently begun the research phase of writing a novel. I say phase because I’m learning HOW to write fiction AND simultaneously compiling the information I’ll need to build solid characters, historical information on the setting, etc. And third, I have an ongoing project to compile a bunch of disparate blogs, articles, research, and drafts that I’ve written over the last few years related to my work as a wellness coach (it’s not about hacking anything, people).

That’s a lot. And I’ve been working on several of these projects for quite some time, and for others I’ve developed a process that’s working for me, right now. I simply found that adding a new device was just one thing too many. And considering the cost I just can’t justify keeping it around on the off-chance that I can work it into my workflow at some later point in time.

I am considering adding an iPad mini with Brydge keyboard to my set up, as I already use iOS apps for various tasks, so moving those activities from my phone to a device with a larger screen and real -ish keyboard sounds more feasible right now. Besides, there are several tasks that I can see moving from my ailing Macbook to an iPad that may take enough strain off the poor bugger that it will live a bit longer before kicking up its little circuits and dying.

Do I recommend the ReMarkable 2 for anyone who wants the functionality of a paper notebook that can email you converted text for import into the drafting/editing app of your choosing?

That’s a resounding Yes. As long as you can make room in your process for it without sacrificing too much.