Awesome walk in the woods, with a twist...ed knee

Despite the rain in the forecast (it's Seattle, when isn't there rain in the forecast?) I grabbed my Gore-Tex, poles, and boots and headed into the foothills for a short walk in the trees.

Have I mentioned how much better I feel when I'm out of the city surrounded by as many trees as I can find?

Because I do. I truly do. It's like the extra oxygen the trees pump out clears the mental fog and anxiety I seem to live with day in / day out.

The shore of this lake was out near that fallen log last time I wandered this trail.

Everything was going incredibly well, my hiking boots are finally broken in, the Mountainsmith lumbar pack that arrived yesterday is working awesome to carry enough stuff for a short walk without involving my messed up shoulders, and I'm finally getting into the flow of walking with hiking poles.

Then...this log happened.

I saw a couple of trail runners approaching, so as I masked up I made like to step off the side of the trail to give them room to pass. Left foot onto log...followed by me going ass over teakettle into the brambles.

Damn thing was like black ice.

I landed on my hip just below the log, spun around so my head was downhill and my feet were facing the trail.


Thankfully, and I am truly grateful to this couple, the runners stopped to assess the carnage and offer a pair of strong hands to help hoist me right way round. I'm not small, mind you. 6'0" ~250lbs right now is a good deal harder to move then either of these trail runner sized folks anticipated.

But it worked and I was able to assess the damage.

Other than some bruises in places inaccessible to the camera and these scrapes, I'll live. The knee in that brace has been messed up since I was a teenager and is missing most of it's cartilage, so it's used to the abuse, although I do think I tweaked it a bit. It remains to be seen what the result of that is. I'll know if I can do the stairs in the morning or not.

All in all, a fantastic forest walk despite the...misstep.