Watching a helmet cam video from a ride last weekend. Once I stopped listening to music, which my camera/bluetooth com unit pipes into the video, all I could hear was my own breathing.

And nearly incessant sniffing.

And why did nobody tell me how funny I sound on camera!?

Why am I asking you fine folks, who only know the text version of my snark.

Seriously, the only things I said out loud were to call a driver a putz for slow-rolling a turn without signaling, and another driver something more colorful for cutting me off. Then slow-rolling a turn without signaling.

Oh, my point. At one stop light, a dad ran by pushing a double stroller being followed by like a 5 year old on a two-wheeler. Little dude was rocking that two-wheeler. As they passed, he looks at me and says, “nice ride.” Complete with the dude-bro head lift. You know, when the chin lifts quickly just as they say “nice…”

All I could do was laugh and return the complement. Then laugh some more, it was truly adorable.