Notebook updates

I think I have a problem.

A notebook problem, that is.

For this iteration, I’ve acquired (read: bought myself a present) a lovely brown leather tri-fold journal cover. It’s roughly A5-size, called the Fillion, and made by Little Mountain Bindery.

Think Traveler’s Notebook, but sized better for long-form entries.

Into my new Fillion, I have slipped 4 soft-cover notebooks. I think they all qualify as “cahier”s, but I digress.

First up is a plain paper journal from Little Mountain Bindery. Theirs are a bit narrower than A5, because reasons, so it’s in front and will be for “thoughts on” entries. I’ll be writing more about that soon, but it was borrowed from a post I read…somewhere I can’t find right now (ironic, huh? Writing about journaling and taking notes and such to, you know, remember things…). Also, since it’s just that little bit narrower, I’ve got my pen attached via a brass binder clip they include with the Fillion for just that purpose.

(The glowing keyboard in the background is a Drop Alt, which I also absolutely adore, but this is an analog post so talk of that will have to wait)

Next is also plain paper and will be for reading notes and post ideas, this one is a refill notebook from Lochby that’s full of Tomoe river paper.

And behind those are two further Lochbys, both lined and for general journaling, mid- and long-form.

Maybe, just maybe I’ll stick with this setup for more than a month before shuffling the notebook deck again. Or, you know, maybe not.

Sidenote for @alans, yep, that’s the Prussian Blue TWSBI Diamond 580. The Tomoe River paper and that F nib are incredible together!