Day Trippin’

A mere 18 months. That’s how long it’s taken me to take the day trip to Port Townsend that I was scheduled to take on my birthday, last year. So that was January 2020, and it’s now nearly June 2021. Close enough, right?

To be fair, a crash complete with a broken scapula two days before said birthday and a pandemic have happened in the intervening months. But still. 18 of them have passed while I was rehabbing and trying not to make eye contact with masked strangers.

Fun note: when you ride Washington State Ferries on a motorcycle, you don’t have to wait in silly lines. So when I got to the outbound dock in Edmonds, I slid past what had to be a 2 mile backup, walked into the passenger terminal, purchased a ticket, and slid up to the end of the dock. Then we board right after bicycles. Repeat the process at the other end, we get off first so I wasn’t at the end of a parade of campers and sightseers heading to the peninsula to cause traffic jams all weekend.

Some epic views were to be had all over the place, unfortunately I can’t figure out how to get clips off my helmet cam (like the 2-seater lightweight plane coming in for a landing 20 FEET ABOVE ME or the hawk diving into a field for lunch) and onto If anyone has any suggestions, I’d truly appreciate it. So instead, please enjoy these shots, in order of arriving in Kingston, Port Townsend’s lovely Water St., and the view from the final approach back to Seattle.

Oh, and one bonus, completely gratuitous shot of Mt. Rainier, because “the Mountain’s out.”

Man, I needed that.