Quick city loop on a gorgeous morning

Decided to start the day with a ride around town before it hots up ( I know, 75 isn’t hot to most of you. I live in Seattle. It’s hot for us. Stuff it.).

Started out getting gas and heading down Aurora (Hwy 99) into town. Then hopped off by Seattle Center and went overland to the waterfront. I won’t say it’s because I don’t like the deep-bore tunnel.

OK, fine. I don’t like the deep-bore tunnel.

It’s hella creepy on a motorcycle.

Headed down the waterfront where I waved to the entire “West Edge” (cough - cough - Belltown - cough) since I don’t know where @cheri actually is (Hi, Cheri!). Then hopped back on Hwy 99 down into Georgetown.

Up and over Beacon hill brought me to the shores of Lake Washington, where I turned north and made my way along Lake Washington Blvd. as it follows the shore of its namesake and through the Washington Park Arboretum. Then I stopped to pick up brunch at Agua Verde (Baja-style Mexican place on top of a kayak club on the shore of Portage Bay) and headed up and around Green Lake and back to Greenwood.

With apologies for not knowing my tech as well as I would like, I can’t work out how to get a clip of helmet cam footage into a post here, so please accept these photos as penance:

Before you get excited, I think it’s a parking garage…On Alaskan way just north of the sculpture garden.

“Mountain’s Out.” Mt. Rainier from Lake Washington Blvd near the Madrona neighborhood.

Now, tea.

Then, write something.


I hope.