Content trends

There’s this trend in content that I’m noticing. And it’s not good. At first, I thought it was, more content means more companies realizing the benefits of a solid content marketing program means more great reading material, right?


What I’m seeing is a proliferation of fluffy nonsense. It all sounds the same. The same tropes, the same similes, and the same badly written intros. It’s like they’ve all taken the same scammy “how to be a content writer” course and were turned loose on an unsuspecting internet.

Blog posts that are nothing but a handful of single sentence paragraphs.

Or “whitepapers” that start with a metaphor that’s so dated and niche, you have to read it 3x and still aren’t sure you understood it?

Or infographics with ungrammatical gibberish in place of, you know, information.

I need a good word for that stuff. It’s becoming a major pain in my ass.

How about “flurfy?”